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Inspiring Benefits S.L., hereinafter “Inspiring,” is the owner of this website and of the terms and conditions for the access and use of the Portal, hereinafter, Terms of Use.

The access, registration for, and use of this website is voluntary, of no cost to the user, and is made available for those who meet the conditions of being a registered user.

The portal is subject to the norms and conditions specified hereunder. By registering for the portal, the user expressly accepts these conditions.

For this reason, users should carefully read these conditions before taking any actions. Users can write to atencion.cliente@inspiringbenefits.com if they have any questions.


  • Website: pages stored in the domain inspiring.contigomas.com
  • User: all physical people who access and directly or indirectly use the website.
  • Registered User: all people properly registered for the Website as according to the instructions explained in the terms of use hereof and therefore, linked to said terms.
  • Contracting Company: entity that has contracted the service provided by Inspiring Benefits, through the portal, so that the Registered User can enjoy the advantages provided by said portal.
  • Associated Store: Organizations that offer their products and services through the Website.
  • Offer, agreement, or promotion: Offers and promotions made available by the Associated Stores. The Associated Stores are responsible for these offers and promotions, and they are divulged through the website.
  • Discount Accumulation: Economic gain or quantity of money that accumulates in the Registered User's savings account, as a result of the purchase of products divulged or promoted through the website, in accordance with the terms of use hereof.
  • Savings account: Register of discounts accumulated by the Registered User, who, when reaching a minimum limit, can request a transfer to their bank account.
  • Confirmed Reservation / Purchase: Purchase made through the Associated Store that has been validated and approved by the different associated stores.

Objective of Service

The objective of service is the promotion of savings through the accumulation of discounts for acquiring products and services offered through the Website, as according to the terms of use hereof.


The User agrees to properly use the contents and services of this website. In order to gain access to the website’s services, the user must register by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the registration form made available on the website’s homepage. Read and accept the terms of use hereof prior to sending your personal data to register for the service.
  2. Read and accept the website's privacy policy prior to sending your personal data to register for the service.
  3. Enter all of the required data, ensuring that the information is updated, truthful, and lawful.
  4. Confirm the website registration through the email that you will receive in the inbox of the email address entered on the registration form.

People under the age of 18 may not enter the website. If minors use the website with the consent of their parents or guardians, their parents or guardians will be responsible for any website actions taken on behalf of the children.

Accessing the website without permission, as well as the use or provision of the contained information without consent, is the exclusive responsibility of the person who does so. Inspiring is not responsible for any damages or consequences that may derive from such use, access, or communication.

Enjoy the Service

In order to access the benefits of the Website, you must be a Registered User.

The password used to access the Registered User services is personal and nontransferable. The Registered User is the only person responsible for keeping the password a secret and for the consequences of its loss. Inspiring is exempt from any responsibility that could derive from the wrongful use of passwords by unauthorized, third parties.

Through the Registered User webpage, Inspiring provides a section titled, “My Profile,” where users can update their personal data. The user is responsible for updating their personal information.

Use of the Service

The Website owner provides Registered Users with offers and promotions in the Associated Stores through the website. These offers and promotions must always be accessed through the provided links and codes in order to ensure that the purchases are properly registered.

In the event that the user does not make their purchases through the provided links and codes, the corresponding discount percentage will not be reflected in the Piggy Bank. Some promotions or offers only generate a savings on the user's first purchase with the Associated Store. If this is the case, the user will be informed in the offer's link. Meanwhile, there are other promotions and offers that generate a direct discount on the purchase total, but do not generate a savings for the Piggy Bank.

The discount percentage through Inspiring will be applied to the purchase total, excluding the VAT and shipping fees. Purchases made by the user will be reflected in the Inspiring savings account in a maximum of 35 days. If a purchase does not eventually appear in the Inspiring savings account, users have access to a contact form in their account through which they can file a complaint.

Through the user account, users will be informed of all completed transactions and the amount of money accumulated in their Inspiring savings account.

Once a specific amount of money is accumulated, the user will be able to request that the money be transferred to the bank account indicated in their personal information, or they can opt to donate the money to an NGO.

If a completed purchase is not registered, users should notify Inspiring through the link provided by Inspiring in the user's account. Inspiring will contact the user in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In the event that there is no activity in an Inspiring account for a period of 12 months (neither in purchases or accesses with the username and password), the user account will be cancelled, and the user will not have the right to be reimbursed for their accumulated savings. The savings will be paid out to Inspiring in the concept of savings account maintenance costs.

Inspiring selects safe and trustworthy Associated Stores. However, Inspiring is not responsible for any breaches or incidents that may occur between any Associated Store and the Users, as the relationship between the Associated Store and Users is commercial in nature. Each Associated Store has its own sales conditions, and we recommend that the user carefully read these conditions prior to carrying out any operation. Should users detect any malpractices or abuses by the Associated Store, we request that users communicate this information to us so that we can investigate the claim and if necessary, remove the reference to the store from our platform.

In the same way, if the Users inform us of any incidents or have direct knowledge of situations that provoke a breach by the Associated Store, Inspiring will approach the Associated Store in a friendly manner in an attempt to resolve the situation in favor of the user.

Inspiring is a service that has been contracted by the partners in which you participate as a member. For this reason, when using the Site as a user, you give Inspiring consent to exchange information with the said partner. The purpose of this information exchange is to provide the partner with statistical knowledge through the Site itself regarding the members that benefit from the referred services, as well as those who unsubscribe from Inspiring. Furthermore, the subscription to the service offered by Inspiring is subject to the user’s condition as a member of the entity that contracted the service. This means that the entity will communicate the termination of the user’s membership, and the user’s registration as an Inspiring user will be automatically cancelled. If the entity does not communicate a user's membership termination, the user will communicate the information and their Inspiring registration will be cancelled.

User Obligations

The User agrees to use the content provided by the Website in accordance with the law, moral standards, public order, and the provisions set forth in the conditions hereof.

The user agrees to properly use the services and contents provided by this Website and will not use them to engage in unlawful activities, activities that infringe on the rights of third parties, activities that infringe on the regulations regarding intellectual property, or activities that infringe on any other applicable legal norms.

Voluntary Cancellation of User Subscription

If a user chooses to cancel their subscription to the registered users area, they can do so from their account. The user should access with their username and password and enter “My profile.”

Effects of Voluntary Cancellation of User Subscription

If a user decides to cancel their subscription, the accumulated discounts will be deposited in the bank account indicated in the user's profile, with the exception of €10 for bank transfer and administrative fees.

Cancellation of Service by the Contracting Companies

If at any time the contracting companies decide to rescind the contract, the accumulated discounts will be transferred to the bank account indicated in each user's profile, with the exception of €5 for the bank transfer and administrative fees.

Protection of Data

The data of personal character provided by the user for registration is processed in accordance with the norms established in the Privacy Policy. Carefully read the document prior to registering for the Website.

Right of Exclusion

Inspiring reserves the right to remove or deny access to the Website users who do not fulfill the conditions hereof, without previous notice.

User Support

The Website provides users with a contact form for any complaints, claims, and questions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The website herein is regulated by Spanish legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property, and by international legislation when applicable.

The content shown on the Website is protected by copyright. The texts, drawings, photographs, and other audiovisual elements found on the Website are exclusively owned by Inspiring.

At no time will it be understood that the access and navigation by the user implies that Inspiring renounces, transfers a license, or partially or completely gives up rights to such elements.

Inspiring has the exclusive right to exercise rights regarding the exploitation of the website and its contents, and in particular, the rights for reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation.

Inspiring does not grant any rights for the reproduction, distribution, public communication, or transfer of its website, design, or contents. Any improper use of the website is prohibited.

The distinctive symbols used within the portal are owned by Inspiring, or Inspiring possesses the corresponding license or authorization for use of such symbols in the portal. Use without prior, written authorization by Inspiring is not permitted. Access to or navigation of the Site does not imply, in any case, that Inspiring renounces, transmits, provides a license, or grants any of the distinctive symbols or those of third parties (for which they have the proper authorization) to others.

The elimination, manipulation, or avoidance of the conditions hereof regarding Inspiring's intellectual and industrial property is prohibited, as well as that of any other data whose rights are owned by Inspiring and that are incorporated into the content, such as technical security devices, digital watermarks, or other mechanisms of information or identification contained in the contents.

You may not modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, download files, send by mail, transmit, use, treat, or distribute any part or the totality of the included contents in the website for public or commercial purposes unless you have received express, written authorization by Inspiring.

The non-authorized use of the contents of this website, and in general, infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights, will result in legal action taken against the offender.

Guarantee and Responsibility

  • With regards to the services contracted by the user

As the direct relationship between the Associated Store and User is commercial in nature, Inspiring is not responsible for any breaches or incidents that may occur between the Users and the Associated Stores and their products or services. Each Associated Store has their own sales conditions, and we recommend that you carefully read these conditions prior to completing an operation. In the event that the Associated Stores makes a change to the requested discount due to a lack of spots or stock and the service/product is different than the offered service/product, Inspiring is not responsible for such variations.

Inspiring is not responsible for incidences either directly or indirectly related to the improper functioning of the server, Internet, or email, or for the manipulations or unlawful activities carried out by the users or employees.

In the event that Inspiring erroneously publishes an offer or promotion, Inspiring will defray the cost of the error, provided that the user did not act in bad faith, the total is not more than 50 euros and/or more than 5% of the total purchase discount, and the user did not receive notifications from either Inspiring or the Associated Store regarding a different discount total. The user is obliged to communicate any errors to Inspiring regarding the publication of discounts as soon as they are discovered by sending an email to atencion.cliente@inspiringbenefits.com.

In the event that a user cancels a purchase or service contracted with the associated store, Inspiring will not add the corresponding discount in the registered user's piggy bank. If the discount has already been added to the piggy bank, the money will be withdrawn.

The discounts acquired by the users may take a maximum of 35 days to be reflected in the Inspiring account.

  • Regarding the use of the Inspiring Website

Should there be accessibility errors, Inspiring will take the necessary actions to resolve the issues, but does not guarantee the inexistence of errors or the complete and continuous availability of the Website, which might be affected by routine maintenance and updates.

Inspiring is not responsible for the damages that may be caused to a user’s computer system, or to the files or information stored within the system as a consequence of any type of virus or malicious code (malware), the improper use of the user’s informatics device or access with inappropriate Web tools.

Access and use of the Inspiring website without consent is the exclusive responsibility of those who carry out such acts. Inspiring is not responsible for and will not answer to any damages or harm caused by such use or access.

Inspiring is not responsible for the opinions on pages or opinion forums external to Inspiring that, referring to our website’s services and the services of other companies, might directly or indirectly discredit or underestimate other companies.

Additionally, Inspiring is not responsible for the comments or content generated by the users who make use of the tools made available by Inspiring. However, if the company finds out that any of the comments might damage or defame a third party in any way, the company reserves the right to remove the comments from the website.

Within this website users will find links to other web pages, primarily Associated Stores, through banners, links, and other types of buttons that are managed by third parties. Inspiring is not authorized to control the contents of other websites whose links may be found on the Inspiring Website. In this way, Inspiring does not assume any responsibility for any aspects related to said web pages that link to the Inspiring Website, and cannot guarantee that said links will be free of viruses or other elements that may produce damages to the user's computer systems or files.

Furthermore, Inspiring is not responsible for the contents on webpages that may direct users to the Inspiring Website or that reference the Website, include opinions about the Website and/or provide misleading information about the Inspiring Website. If any physical person or legal entity wants to include any sort of link to the Inspiring website, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The link must lead to this webpage’s Index
  • The link must lead directly to this Website’s URL. Unless Inspiring provides express authorization, the Website that creates the link cannot include any Inspiring content as part of its Website or within its frames, or create a browser for any of the Inspiring pages.

If the Website where the link is located wishes to incorporate any distinctive symbol belonging to Inspiring into their webpage, they must have received prior, express authorization from the owner of this Website. Inspiring does not authorize the establishment of links to this website from webpages that contain unlawful content.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The general conditions hereof are governed by Spanish legislation and any controversy that may arise regarding their application, fulfillment, or interpretation will be resolved, with the express acceptance by both parties, in the courts and tribunals of the City of Madrid.


Inspiring reserves the right to make modifications to the Website when deemed necessary, as well as updates to the Website's information, configuration, presentation, and terms and conditions, without prior notice.

Your internet browser might generate a copy of this page in the cache memory, meaning that the pages shown in your browser might not correspond with the most updated versions but rather, with those stored in your cache memory. In order to avoid these problems, we recommend that you refresh the website in your browser when accessing the website.